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Restoring your Porsche

Before we start

We offer restoration of your Porsche from A to Z. Before we start, we will make a clear alignment with you about the expected results and your budget for the work. Our target is to make your Porsche exactly the way you want it. All work on your car will be conducted according to the highest standards of quality and originality. All work will include detailed photo documentation.


When we make a complete restoration, the car will be disassembled down to the last bolt. Engine, Drive Train, Interior, Wiring etc. will be removed until the body is bare metal. All parts will be categorized and inspected thoroughly. Thereafter each component prepared for repair or exchange.

Body work

The body will be prepared for surface treatment. Any rust or body work will be conducted with original spare parts where possible. We are very specific on details like adaption of body parts and gaps in doors so your Porsche will be in mint condition when we are done. We will remove old paint, under-body coating and padding. In the ultimate project, we will perform a chemical stripping of the body down to the bare metal. Hereafter zink treatment and painting can be done. 

We cooperate with the best painters to ensure the correctness of color, quality of paint and the finish of the final result. 


When we rebuild your car, we make sure that all parts are renovated and working like new or will replace broken parts with genuine parts where possible. We will assemble your car and fine tune all details, so it will look and work like the day it left the factory.


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