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Correct maintenance of your Porsche is important

At Stuttcars, we service all Porsche models. We can maintain your Porsche both technically and optically. Technical maintenance is critical for your Porsche and must be performed with the correct equipment, the right knowledge and the right spare parts. Stuttcars ensures that your Porsche is always in the best technical condition at fair prices. 

Technical Inspection and Repairs

We always perform a comprehensive technical inspection of your Porsche before we start a repair. This will include detailed advise as well as our opinion to the necessary repairs and expected cost. This protects you against unexpected costs. Often, we are able to give you a fixed price for the work to be performed.

Pick-up & Return

We offer pick-up service and can provide you with a rental car, while we take care of your Porsche.

Our Workshop

Our workshop is equipped with the latest tools and equipment necessary to service your Porsche. We have all necessary equipment to access and ​​program the controls and computers on your car.


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